We offer a wide variety of natural and recycled products to enhance your home or business. Everything from recycled rubber tires made into sport mats, to 100% natural sisal fibers woven into beautiful area rugs. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few interesting examples:


Linoleum is a 100% natural floor covering made of linseed oil pressed from flax, pine rosins, wood flour, color pigments and affixed to a backing of jute fiber. Having been around since the late 1800's, linoleum has drifted in and out of style, particularly in the 1960's when the easy care vinyls came into fashion. But of course, what was old is new again as linoleum has made a dramatic re-entry into the residential and commercial market during the last decade. Long gone are the dull, flat colors. They've made way to an extensive range of hues inspired by the diversity of nature and cultures around the globe. Linoleum is used in homes, offices, hospitals, schools and public buildings all over the world.
Wood Floors

Woods from reclaimed, salvaged and recycled sources have become increasingly popular for the rustic or timber style home setting. We also offer other tropical and domestic woods from ecologically-sound sources suitable for the most elegant environments. You'll find several construction choices from prefinished, unfinished, solid and engineered.

Bamboo is a grass and classified a truly renewable resource. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo grows to maturity in less than 6 years and is renewably harvested over and over from the same plants. The quality of the bamboo is directly related to the environment in which it grows: sunlight, soil, temperature and the age of the bamboo at the time it is harvested. These are very important factors in the quality and overall appearance of the floor. If harvested too early, less than 4 years, the cane is thinner and not strong enough. If harvested too late, after 8 years, the cane becomes brittle and will weaken. On average, bamboo floors are harder than Red Oak

You'll find bamboo flooring is produced in horizontal and vertical grains and the natural colors range from light tones to a rich caramel color. If you are looking for a more unique appearance, colored stains are also available to suit almost any home design.

Cork is a protected renewable resource that is harvested from the cork oak tree without injury to the tree itself. Their outer layer is stripped every 9 years and will continue to produce for hundreds more. You will find cork to be an elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable floor that is very natural in appearance but can also be strikingly formal. Cork is available in several traditional patterns in its natural honey tones as well as vibrant colors to meet the most creative tastes. Can't find a color or tone you like? Purchase your cork unfinished and create a custom stain that is only limited to your imagination!